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07/27/10 02:26 PM #10    

Phil Kuehl


Recently, I read Gene Dooley’s profile and his admission to flooding the boy’s locker room. As Gene indicated the statute of limitations has expired. Therefore, I believe Murray Clevenger should fess up to several of the incidences which occurred during our senior year. While Murray was usually not the ring leader he obviously could urge others to take charge. The first two that came to mind involved Dennis Dop bombing the beaches of Lake Aquabi during the senior picnic and the other one had Indianola’s Fire Department (which I think was a volunteer department) driving out to the football practice field to extinguish burning tires.

08/02/10 11:35 PM #11    

Larry Sutherland

Coach nielsen is a pastor ?  Maybe i should try that out. I remember him chasing me around the gym floor with a big wood paddle and a smile on his face.

08/05/10 10:02 PM #12    


Dave Brewbaker

  I remember Dop coming out to the farm to pick up some old ditching dynamite to power his cannon. Probably pure nitroglycerin. Dop set the cannon off @ 9th grade football practice behind Irving. The cannon fired and shot a Campbell's soup can full of concrete straight up into the air.We all ran like chickens and even Noble outran me. I put my helmet back on but no one was hit,injured or killed.  

08/08/10 02:47 AM #13    


Beth Essick (Cutwright)

Wll I guess I will be the first to post the night after the reunion observations.   First of all, Renee and Betty, Vicki and all other planners of this most special 40th reunion event....thank you!   You did an awesome job in making this fun and entertaining.

Second, wow, thanks to all of you who came!!   Not a bad turnout at all!   My son thought we were quite a happy bunch and a good group of people!  I quite was so wonderful to see all of you.   Some had changed so much and some, well you are just beautiful with those same great smiles that will never let you be unknown!

Like any event, for me it is hard to visit with people, but I will hold close to my heart all the warm hugs and sweet words that were shared!   I really admire Pam and Melinda and Roy being bold enough to dance!   So you think you can dance?   Well you did!  And I loved it!

Although I kind of shyed up, you'll never know how much I enjoyed being with you at our 40th!

Be good to yourselves and see you next time!

08/08/10 09:12 PM #14    

Phil Richter

Renee, Betty, Dennis, and everyone else who put this together, Thanks so much!! Really fun, great to see everyone and catch up. 

08/08/10 10:37 PM #15    


Mary Lavin (Hoekman)

What a perfectly wonderful weekend!  Thank you Renee and the entire crew that helped you put this reunion together.  I know it was a lot of hard work but I believe all that were there appreciate your efforts.  It was so great seeing so many people, recognizing some and others not at all.  This was a wonderful opportunity for me to renew old friendships. 

08/09/10 07:07 PM #16    


Pam Johansen (Benson)

WOW!  WHAT A WEEKEND!  Everything was PERFECT!  The planning committee did an absolutely awesome job!  It was so much fun to see everyone again and catch up.  I know I am generally shy and quiet but I almost had a sore jaw from all the "listening" I did!  : )  My only complaint is that my food was a bit cold...oh, maybe that was my own fault for "listening" to Hugh for so long.  I hope they weren't out of food by the time you got into line, Hugh!

I LOVED the tour of the high school!  It really brought back some memories!  I can't believe how narrow the halls are, however.  Did they change or did I?  OK, don't answer that!

I was surprised at some of the memories some of you shared with me about my days at IHS!  I really didn't remember (or perhaps didn't want to acknowledge) some of them!  Ha!  Ha! 

The band was great and it was wonderful for them to be so good to play for us.

Several of you mentioned you know about Bella Vista or travel through here.  If you do, please give us a call so we can connect!  If you don't know about our area and want a great place to retire, come for a visit.  It really is heaven on earth. 

If you are reading this and you weren't able to be at the reunion, I am truly sorry you missed it.  Please plan to come next time.  It is really uplifting to reconnect and see how far we have all come!

Shout out and kudos to Betty, Renee, Sue and Vicky and anyone who did anything to make this wonderful weekend!  I truly appreciate all your hard work!


08/09/10 07:24 PM #17    


Debbie Gatrel (Norris)

Sorry, I was unable to attend the reunion, but from what I've read and seen so far it looks like everyone had a great time! 

Please continue to post your pics and comments so those of us that didn't make it can live thru each of you that attended.  I'm REALLY enjoying these posts!

Would it be possible to put names with the pics.  Some of the name tags I can read, some of the faces I recognize. but some I just can't figure out.  Must be my old eyes not seeing so good and my memory not being what it used to be.

Hopefully, I be able to attend the next reunion and get to see each of you in person.  Mike's dad still lives in Indianola so maybe one day while visiting I may run into one of you and say hi.

Thanks again Renee and the rest of the group for putting this website together!  GREAT JOB!


08/09/10 11:01 PM #18    


Chris Kerr (Pace)

Thanks to the reunion committee for an awesome time!  It was also fun to see alumni from other classes at The Sports' Page!  I hope that even more can attend next time!  Ed and I became grandparents today for the first time on 8-9-10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Laura and Grant welcomed Ariana Michelle Snyder, 8 llbs. and 5 oz., 20 " long, dark, curly hair and blue eyes at 3:29 P.M.!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are all just fine are very excited and feel very blessed!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!  Chris Kerr Pace/Ed Pace  Update on Oct. 23, 2010 :  Thanks to your committee for the great reunion pictures!  Fun!

08/11/10 10:32 AM #19    


Don Owen

Hey Renee.

Thanks again for all the hard work that you and your team put into the IHS Class of '70 40th Reunion.  It was a blast!  Wonderful to see so many old friends and reconnect.  (I still can't believe you kept all that IHS stuff for all these years! WOW!)

God Bless,

Don Owen

12/08/11 08:59 AM #20    


Pam Johansen (Benson)

Merry Christmas to all my classmates!  I hope you are all blessed in the New Year!  If anyone is in the area, please come visit us in Arkansas!  We are in Bella Vista, in the very NW corner. Pam

12/17/12 12:15 AM #21    


Bob King

Merry Christmas from Arizona's Santa & your classmate Bob King.

This is me with my posse. 

My wife is in front, daughter and her boyfriend behind

and sister and her husband beside me and Mrs. Claus.

Every year, I ride in on a helicopter, am paraded around town on an antique fire truck and then Master of ceremonies Electric Light Parade before meeting and taking pictures with the town's children.   It makes for a wonderful Holiday Season in this little mountain town they call "The Christmas City".   May all of your Christmas' be filled with joy!


05/29/15 01:35 PM #22    

Gary Coleman

My wife and I have retird and moved back to Iowa City from Texas and have left the Texans behind. I did buy a pair of real cowboy boots ("Manly Footwear", to Texans) before we left.  Now we entertain the grandkids as much as possible and wonder how we ever got anything done while we were working.  All is well and looking forward to seeing all at the next reunion.  Also, Arla, you were very chatty.    Gary Coleman

05/29/15 02:03 PM #23    

Julie McKenzie (Adams)

gary coleman-  aint retirement great?  enjoy ..  julie mckenzie...sadly, i dont have any cowgirl boots, florida requires only flip flops..

05/30/15 07:51 AM #24    


Debbie Morgan (Morgheim)

Hello to all!! I just got a email and it sent my ever glowing brain to this page which I had no idea existed!! An iPhone is my only email device so please have mercy!! You are all amazing people with awesum lives and I am grateful for so very many memories!! I am blessed to have stayed in contact with kathi hollinger,deb ford,Terri stone and an amazing joyful week with Julie Mckenzie!! I deeply enjoyed lunch with Melinda,Glenda and rose awhile back and hope to see as many of you as possible!! God bless you all and take care!! Hi mr Gary Coleman!!   Oh and Julie do you remember when we went to see the suknats ? What was their lead guitar players name? Wasn't their hit song called "spinning" hoped you'd remember cuz I'm not sure!! Love to all debi

09/13/15 10:16 AM #25    


Dave Brewbaker

Greetings to all classmates from 45 years ago. I used to see pictures of class reunions in the R,H & T and say look at those "Old Farts" & now I am one. I had a trip to my house on Culebra, Puerto Rico booked before I knew the reunion dates so I will probably be riding a hurricane by the 18th. I will see all of you @ the 50th. David Brewbaker

09/17/15 10:50 AM #26    


Don Owen

I can hardly believe it has been 45 years for the Indianola High School Class of '70!  I wish I could be there to celebrate and reconnect with you all, but it just isn't going to work out for me to travel to Indianola at this time. I trust all are doing well and that the reunion will be all you hoped for.  Thank you Renee and all of those who put forth the effort into making this happen!  I will look forward to the 50th Reunion in 2020!  Greet everyone for me!  God Bless!

Don Owen  (aka Doughboy)

09/17/15 04:19 PM #27    


Pam Johansen (Benson)

I hate missing this reunion!  I hope everyone has safe travels and a great time.  Renee, you are AWESOME as well as anyone who helped with this!  Renee asked if I could help organize some games and I would have loved to had I been able to attend.  Maybe I can for the 50th.  Will we be too old then for charades and strip poker????  Now THAT would be scary!  Anyway, have a great time.  I am going to try to be alive so I can attend the 50th. Don't get too crazy and don't stay up too late!

09/19/15 01:20 AM #28    


Arla Hock (Ford)

Arla Hock Ford here.  Hate missing the reunion... I love people and would absolutely love to re-make acquaintance of my classmates.  I should have checked schedule when we made flight arrangements from Oregon where we live to attend the Amer Assoc of Christian Counseling conference in Nashville starting Wednesday.  We could have elbowed into Des Moines for a few days and taken in the reunion.  Please do not tell me there was dancing!  Craig and I took up ballroom dancing 10 years ago and i hate to miss a good dance party!  smile

We have a wonderful life I think.  We still work way too much counseling with individuals and families, praying with them and ministering to their need for healthy relationships with God, family and self.  Kids are grown, but 2 of the 3 plus a 6 yo grandson are very close and we hang out often.  Our Florida son and dtrs, 5 and 3, are so stinking far away!  

If you get to the Oregon coast, look us up.  


02/27/17 12:24 PM #29    

Dean Conklin

I have been a respiratory therapist for 42 years and now in Oklahoma City children's hospital on a travel assignment for 8 weeks then on vacation with my wife to New Orleans , San Antonio , Dallas where my daughter lives with her husband and 6 kids then back to Southern California will retire in June when I turn 66 hope everyone is doing well 

03/20/17 11:56 AM #30    


Renee Taber (Nickelson)


Janet Clevenger was having trouble getting a picture loaded, so I'm posting of one of my 3 dogs to see if it works!

03/22/17 09:12 PM #31    


Janet Harrison (Clevenger)

Dear Renee,

Your dog is so cute!!!

Thank you again Renee for ALL the help you have given me!!!

Bless you!



01/22/19 11:16 AM #32    


Kathie Grissom (Strooh)

I am looking forward to the 50th reunion. I will do my best to attend. September would be my choice, but I am open to what the class decides. We now live in Urbandale and our house is too small to hold you all - sorry!

Kathie Grissom Strooh


12/01/19 09:30 PM #33    


Arla Hock (Ford)

Arla Hock Ford here.... I just want to encourage people to make the effort to come to the reunion.  If I can make it happen from the Oregon coast, then I sure as shooting want to think that the locals especially can turn out and make a connection for new times sake!  I dearly love to see and hear how people have changed and grown and resolved life's challenges.  Craig and I got back to his reunion for IHS class of 1969, last September.  We totally loved catching up with many of his classmates and a few of 1970 grads too.  I think we counted 7 couples married 1969 and 1970.  We will have had our 49th wedding anniversary by our reunion.  I must admit I feel guilty that I moved to Indianola in 1968 and married who I think is the best guy in town!  How did I get so blessed?  Craig and I still work with no plans to retire.  We love love love what we are privileged to do-counsel with all kinds of people in context of their relationship with the Lord Jesus.  It is so hopeful and positive and impacting.  Please join us at the reunion, even if you are scared or scarred, shy or lonely, rich or poor, funny or clumsy, happy or sad, drunk or sober, paroled or pardoned, guilty or innocent.  Come share.  Spread the love.  


12/02/19 04:23 PM #34    


Gene Dooley

Arla: I do plan to be at the reunion, but I hate to say there was one other group you need to identify, that being the skinny or fat. I( resemble the one with only 3 letters.


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